Cannabis has long been known for its therapeutic and healing properties, from reducing stress, and pain, to improving sleep. Many medicinal properties of Marijuana have been investigated by cannabis pioneers and are now being pursued by a large portion of the US population. New strains and Cannabis products are being launched by Marijuana Doctor Naples to meet the growing demand for the healing herb. To help qualified patients complete their Marijuana certification and to ensure they follow the right protocols for Cannabis consumption, Marijuana centers have opened in Florida. These centers, along with our Marijuana health center, are offering services to patients who want to add Cannabis to their treatment regime. We, at My Florida Green, help qualified patients navigate the certification process without any delays and give them a bespoke prescription most suited for their health condition.

With the expansion of the cannabis industry, there has been a lot of progress in developing different Marijuana preparations and products to fit each patient’s needs and comfort level. Several new products have been legalized as studies further determine the healing nature of this plant, including tinctures, topicals, inhalers, and edibles. Topicals, vapes, and edibles are among the most popular cannabis products. Recently, marijuana topicals have earned their position in the market as a discreet and efficient method of consuming Cannabis, especially for managing localized symptoms. They are becoming popular among people who want to use Cannabis for pain relief. Cannabis topicals are essential byproducts of the marijuana plant that deliver cannabinoids directly to the skin, muscles, and surrounding tissue and can help with pain relief significantly.

This article elaborates on the growing market demand for marijuana topicals and how they help with pain relief.

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What are Cannabis Topicals?

A topical is anything designed to be applied to the skin rather than ingested. In the case of Cannabis topicals, these are creams, balms, lotions, and ointments that contain cannabis oil. The potency of these topicals can range from topicals with raw Cannabis oil to lotions enriched with cannabis contents THC or CBD. Today, the market offers a variety of cannabis topicals with specific cannabis content that is medically verified to meet the demand of modern-day consumers.

If you have a throbbing joint or a hurtful skin issue, cannabis topicals can effectively help your symptoms. Cannabis topicals come in the form of balms, lotions, patches, sprays, and creams. Each product is designed to address specific health conditions, including pain, skin disorders, inflammation, and other conditions. However, you must consult a Marijuana specialist before using topicals, as each blend can affect every patient differently. Hence it is best that you get a prescription tailored to your health needs.

Different types of Cannabis Topicals

There are different types of topical medications for various diseases and health concerns. You can use cannabis topicals after consulting a marijuana expert for your skincare routine, painful joints, or a skin problem that cannabinoids can heal. Each topical offers a unique potency of cannabis ingredients.

Cannabis Lotions

These lotions are the most common type of topicals. Cannabis lotions, like conventional lotions, are intended to deliver targeted comfort right to the surface of your skin. Unlike other topical medications such as balms or transdermal, individuals can use cannabis lotions to address skin issues such as dry skin, acne, and so on. Also, research suggests that CBD lotions have excellent medical advantages for skin problems such as acne, eczema, etc.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis topicals, such as CBD and THC-infused oils, not only moisturize and repair cracked skin but can also have a good effect on sebocytes, which produce sebum. A recent study reveals that cannabis oils have antifungal and antibacterial properties. That can assist in preventing skin ulcers or disorders. CBD and THC-based oils can also help reduce inflammation in specific body regions. Such as the joints or even help with muscular spasms.

Cannabis Balms

For individuals seeking targeted pain management, cannabis balms are an alternative to lotions and ointments. A cannabis balm is a topical cannabis product derived from waxes and oils high in active compounds like CBD. Most cannabis balms, including cannabis creams, include CBD, a marijuana compound known for its pain-relieving traits. THC-infused cannabis balms, on the other hand, can also be used after consultation with a marijuana expert.

Cannabis Joint Creams

Cannabis topical creams are the best option for arthritis and other joint pain issues. These are intended to relieve discomfort over time. With the cannabis component, a warming cream can relax your muscles and surrounding tissue while lowering inflammation. This can be used by athletes and individuals seeking recovery from joint inflammation.

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How do Topicals help with Pain Relief?

Medical marijuana consumers use cannabis topicals to help with various diseases, such as eczema, inflammation, and chronic migraine pain. The role of Cannabis in reducing pain has been studied extensively. And many studies have verified the efficacy of lotions, creams, ointments, balms, oils, and transdermal patches. However, we must learn how cannabis-based topicals affect the skin. And help manage issues like the pain resulting from various health conditions.

The human body consists of the endocannabinoid system, a complex system of receptors, i.e. CB1 and CB2. Responsible for various body functions and brain signaling. As soon as cannabis is applied, consumed or smoked, the cannabinoids attach to these receptors and affect the brain. Signaling to reduce signs of inflammation or pain alleviation. These receptors are also located on the skin’s epidermal cells, creating an anti-inflammatory response to relieve pain. The exact effect of a topical depends on the contents included in the cannabis topical based on the patient’s pain or health condition.

Topicals are generally considered non-psychoactive as they are applied topically and not ingested. However, some people may experience psych activity. If they are sensitive to marijuana cannabinoids and may show signs of poor tolerance level owing to the potency of topicals.

Thus, patients must consult a specialist before using marijuana products, including marijuana topicals, for pain management or anti-inflammatory response. My Florida Green is a trustworthy cannabis health center in Naples with networks in St. Petersburg, Melbourne, and Sarasota. You can talk to us about your health-related issues and get guidance from our highly qualified doctors.

The Takeaway

We provide our clients with premium service and a tailored medical marijuana prescription suitable for their health conditions. After you receive your marijuana card from a certified doctor in Naples, you can meet with our experts. And they will evaluate your symptoms to develop a prescription most suited to your needs. Our compassionate team will answer all your marijuana-related queries, and address your apprehensions. And ensure you get the maximum benefit from your Marijuana treatment.