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Based on the information you gave us, it looks like you may qualify for Medical Marijuana in Florida!

The next step is to get an official recommendation from a board-certified Physician who is licensed with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. We have made this process really simple for you by teaming up with the popular “patient qualification” application Establish care from the comfort of home.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Get Qualified! You must qualify with a condition listed on our site and have documentation of the pre-existing condition. If you don’t have your records, contact your doctor and let them know they are about to receive a “records release” form from The Doc App. We will assist you with obtaining your medical records and proper paperwork. $99.00

Step 2: Get registered with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use and schedule your physical exam. Once this is complete, you are ready to receive your card. $199.00

Step 3: Send your check or money order for $75.00 to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use and receive your approval from the State of Florida. The wait for this is usually 2-4 weeks. Once approved, you will be ready to order your medicine in-person or via delivery.

My Florida Green is dedicated to setting the standard in compassion, care, and compliance.  We have helped thousand of patients obtain their Medical Marijuana Card here in Florida.


My Florida Green Certification Walk-through


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