Leesburg Medical Marijuana Card


My Florida Green helps qualified patients in Leesburg easily obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Card. We serve our Leesburg patients with a state-wide network of licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, all while protecting your privacy with HIPAA-compliant health records.

Leesburg Medical Marijuana FAQs


Register online with the My Florida Green doctor nearest to you in Leesburg, Florida. My Florida Green’s Medical Marijuana Doctors are certifying patients for their Medical Marijuana cards in your area.

Leesburg Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor


When you complete our easy and secure registration for your Leesburg, Florida Medical Marijuana Card, you will be directed to a medical history form. Simply fill it out, upload your medical records (or bring them with you to your appointment), and submit them via our secured server for review. If you don’t have medical records, you can discuss your condition with our doctor.

Once we approve you, you will receive an e-mail and/or text to schedule your physical evaluation with your Leesburg Medical Marijuana Doctor. Just Choose the time and date that works best for you. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Leesburg Florida Medical Marijuana Card


In an average of two weeks, your Leesburg Florida Medical Marijuana Card approval will arrive via email. From here you can purchase medicine from any Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary. You will receive your physical card 2 to 3 weeks later.

Upon registration, we will create a profile for you in Florida’s Medical Marijuana use Registry in Leesburg. To accelerate your approval, you can login, upload proof of residency in Leesburg and pay the state’s $75.00 Processing fee.


As of May, 2018 there are over 2 million Medical Marijuana patients in the United States. Florida has over 300,000 patients alone, including Leesburg. This is due to the simple fact that Leesburg Medical Marijuana provides patients with more relief and less side effects. Uncover the truth that's been kept from us for years and join the Florida Medical Marijuana Program today! Obtaining your Medical Marijuana Card in Leesburg Florida is easy with My Florida Green.

Leesburg Medical Marijuana


The use of the Cannabis plant, aka "Medical Marijuana," dates back nearly 10,000 years to ancient China. Until recent decades it has been revered as a sacred plant in medicine, textiles, food and so much more. At our Leesburg Florida Medical Marijuana certification center, we are helping patients acknowledge the reality of Medical Marijuana's power to heal. We've seen countless lives, families, and communities transform in Leesburg, Florida.

The age of synthetic drugs must come to an end. We are losing hundreds of thousands of lives and causing damage to millions more who are involved through family and friendships. With Amendment 2, you now have the right to access a natural, safe, proven alternative with Medical Marijuana in Leesburg.



Have we become numb to the warnings on drug commercials? Are we blind to the horrific death and injury rates from synthetic drugs? We must snap out of "Big Pharma's" televised trance. One patient at a time, we are committed to changing the world for the better and ending the tragic history of legalized chemical poisoning.

Leesburg Medical Marijuana is helping millions escape the trap our government and "Big Pharma" has created. My Florida Green in Leesburg is here to help patients become educated, certified for Medical Marijuana and to provide access to all delivery methods with NO RESTRICTIONS!

Leesburg Medical Marijuana Card
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About My Florida Green

About My Florida Green

My Florida Green sets the gold standard in care, compassion, and compliance for Florida Medical Marijuana Certifications. Excellent patient experiences, improved health, and education are at the heart of our mission. We provide easy, safe, and private access for both the patient and the Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor.

Since the passing of Amendment 2 in November 2016, we've helped over 10,000 qualified patients obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Card in Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg and Melbourne. We offer patients a HIPAA-compliant platform to use and have partnered with the best Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

We were one of the first companies to help patients navigate the uncharted waters of Medical Marijuana in Florida and are helping thousands to get the most from the Florida Medical Marijuana Program. Our dedication to patient education and support sets us apart. Our five-star ratings prove our commitment and quality.

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