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My Florida Green Card Pricing

Patients access to Medical Cannabis

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Since Amendment 2 passed in November 2016, over 200,000 Floridians have reclaimed their rights to natural healing with medical cannabis. If you’re ready for a natural alternative, My Florida Green can facilitate your Medical Marijuana Certification giving you access to plant-based medicine.

Since the beginning of Florida’s Medical Marijuana program, we’ve been building relationships with an exclusive group of experienced physicians who are licensed with the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use...

We formed a team of compassionate administrators and built Florida’s only compliant Medical Marijuana software. My Florida Green sets the gold star standard for Medical Marijuana certifications in Florida. Simply click GET STARTED, and establish care with the My Florida Green physician that services your area.

Regarding pricing, My Florida Green charges $199 to see one of our exclusive Medical Cannabis doctors and obtain your 7 month certification. During your visit, we will handle all state paperwork, medical documentation, and registration forms with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

You’ll also leave with an information packet with info on all dispensaries, important "Cannabis 101" information, and a custom order to make everything easy.


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We strive to be Florida's most affordable medical marijuana option. Patient access to medical cannabis is our #1 priority. Our physicians work tirelessly to maintain a streamlined practice that keeps costs low for patients.


Establish Care

This covers all of the support, processing, and state-required registration forms you may need during your certification process.

Start your MMJ Certification here

24/7 Online Scheduling

Qualify and Request Your Appointment

Skip The Waiting Room and Paperwork



This covers your in-person Doctor's visit, as required by state law to become certified.

7 Month Certification

Premium Care with Licensed Physicians

100% Money Back Guarantee

Individualized Treatment Plans

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