Irfan Malik

Irfan Malik

Chief Technical Officer

Irfan Malik is a dedicated IT professional, who has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurs, by making their priorities his own. He grew up with a goal to take initiatives, to value progress, and to guarantee success.  Driven by ambition and consistency, Irfan aims to attain the epitome of exemplariness.

With steady advancement in his career, Irfan felt compelled to do something to aid the masses; something purposeful. After The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative was passed, and Irfan was made aware of the medicinal benefits of marijuana for people suffering from chronic illnesses, working on this project with Team Green seemed like the perfect fit!

Combining Irfan's development expertise with the Founder's innovative vision, My Florida Green continues to alleviate the struggles of obtaining certified Medical Marijuana. Thus empowering the mission 'Medical Marijuana Made Easy'.

Get certified for medical marijuana in florida

My florida green sets the gold standard in care To provide a safe online environment for both our patients and our physicians to diagnose, get treatment, and access unparalleled care. We follow all laws and legal protocols set forth by the State and Department of Health.

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