How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Orlando, Florida

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Since November 2016, My Florida Green has been helping thousands of qualified patients obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Cards. Patients seeking a Medical Marijuana Card Orlando, Florida can easily get their approval by utilizing our exclusive Medical Marijuana Doctor’s network and streamlined patient registration system.

After the passage of Amendment 2, residents of Florida can now use Medical Marijuana for certain qualifying medical conditions, such as PTSD, Cancer, and Crohn’s Disease, among others. Take our qualification check to see if you qualify.

My Florida Green only partners with the best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida and gives patients access to secure HIPAA-compliant technology to keep your records safe.

Depsite being proven safe over thousands of years, for the majority of our patients, medical cannabis or “marijuana” is new medicine. Most new patients are often rightfully concerned about “getting too high”. At My Florida Green we offer patients comprehensive support to make sure you get the relief you want.

Our dedication to patient results and satisfaction, has earned us a perfect five star rating from our patients.

Your Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor

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My Florida Green’s Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor, Mark Hashim, M.D.

My Florida Green has made it easy to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card Orlando with an easy, secure, private three-step process.  By using our HIPAA-compliant patient registration system, My Florida Green helps qualified patients securely schedule with an Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor, and easily get their approval.

In Orlando, patients are fortunate to connect with Dr. Mark Hashim. Dr. Hashim is widely known as the best Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida and regularly travels the state speaking out on the healing potential of Medical Marijuana.

You can trust that Dr. Hashim is an extremely knowledgeable Medical Marijuana Doctor in Orlando and will help provide guidance on product, strain, and dosage for patients.

Patients looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Orlando can get natural relief with Dr. Hashim and My Florida Green as your partners in health. Our experts will support you on your healing journey and answer your questions to help you determine if Medical Marijuana is right for you. We will connect you with the best Medical Marijuana Doctor in Orlando that can help you acquire your Medical Marijuana Card and educate you on the proper way to medicate yourself.

There are many benefits to using Medical Marijuana instead of the pharmaceuticals that are prescribed and lead to many other issues down the road. Medical Marijuana does not lead to addiction or overdose and is a much safer way to relieve the pain you suffer from as a result of certain serious medical conditions.

My Florida Green and its exclusive Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor are here to help. Sign up today to book an appointment with Florida’s best Medical Marijuana Doctor and get your Orlando Medical Marijuana Card today!


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