Why Is My Florida Green Different?

My Florida Green’s mission has always been Medical Marijuana Made Easy. As our below testimonials show, we work tirelessly to make sure that patients leave their visits feeling secure, educated, and supported by an expert team.

Since November, 2016 My Florida Green has been serving Florida patients as a statewide Medical Marijuana Doctor service. It’s been amazing to see Cancer, Chronic Pain, PTSD and dozens of other symptoms positively impacted and often completely eliminated.

If you’re seeking natural relief from your symptoms, or the debilitating side effects of synthetic drugs, you can now get your Florida Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana Certification from Florida’s Most Experienced Medical Marijuana Certification Service and Dr. Mark Vacker.

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My Florida Green – Naples’

Mark Vacker M.D.

Medical Marijuana Patients Need More Than A Great Doctor

With thousands of patients now certified for Medical Marijuana by My Florida Green, we’ve seen incredible results. Most doctors involved in the MMJ program are clueless about Cannabis, which is why we stand out from the rest. Most of our physicians are not only experienced with Medical Marijuana, but they are actually patients.

My Florida Green has been certifying patients since November, 2016. We’ve streamlined the process so you as the patient can visit the dispensaries and order the medicine you need to heal naturally. Medical Marijuana is not a cure all, but it can certainly promote natural healing which is why “BIG PHARMA” does not want it in the market.

Our physicians follow the same protocol which is MAXIMUM dosing with NO RESTRICTIONS. We empower patients with the education needed to safely experiment as everyone is different. We have NO MONTHLY FEES and NO UNNECESSARY FOLLOW UPS. But we do offer UNLIMITED SUPPORT and exclusive discount deals.

Our patient testimonials below prove the commitment our team has to your health and happiness.

“Wonderful” results for arthritis, inflammation, & pain relief

A stunning transformation for a patient with autism

“A cure for the pain I experience on a daily basis…and finally relax!”

“I can sleep through the night for the first time in a long time! An absolute blessing!”

A miraculous transformation from a wheelchair to walking!!

Better and longer-lasting pain relief vs. opiates

How Does This Process Work?

Establish care with our simple and secure application, answer the Medical Questionnaire, schedule your appointment, and follow the instructions in the emails. Our credo is “Medical Marijuana Made Easy” for a reason.

The below videos provide a simple yet detailed explanation of why Medical Marijuana is so effective, how the Florida Medical Marijuana program works, and what you need to do get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

Existing patients pay only $199 for 7 months of Medical Marijuana with maximum dosing and unlimited support.

Your road to recovery starts here!

Where will you see Dr. Vacker?

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naples, medical, marijuana, card, doctor
naples, medical, marijuana, card, doctor

Ready To Join Team Green?

If you want to get the most from Florida’s Medical Marijuana program at an unbeatable value now is the time to join the movement. Just fill out the form below! We will email and text you everything you need to know.Medical Marijuana Made Easy is our creed and our mission. We look forward to helping you improve your quality of emotional, physical, and personal life with Medical Marijuana! A brighter future is just a few clicks away.

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