CAPE CORAL Marijuana Doctors

CAPE CORAL Marijuana Doctors

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Patients in Cape Coral, Florida can now access Medical Marijuana with the My Florida Green platform. Obtaining your Medical Marijuana card in Cape Coral just got easier. Our new MMJ certification center is centrally located at 3515 Del Prado Blvd South #101 Cape Coral, Florida 33904.

 With thousands of patients now certified in Florida for Medical Marijuana by My Florida Green's Medical Marijuana doctors, we’ve documented incredible progress and results.

My Florida Green has been facilitating Medical Marijuana certifications in S.W. Florida since November 2016. We’ve streamlined the Medical Marijuana Certification process by combining compassionate customer service with feature-rich technology. All patients will receive access to our custom application so they can monitor their progress. With a Medical Marijuana doctor in Cape Coral, Florida, we can now offer our 5-star customer service and patient management platform to all Cape Coral residences.

Our physicians follow the same protocol which is MAXIMUM dosing with NO RESTRICTIONS. We empower patients with the education needed to safely experiment as everyone is different. We have NO MONTHLY FEES and NO UNNECESSARY FOLLOW UPS. But we do offer UNLIMITED SUPPORT and exclusive discount deals. Our patient testimonials prove the commitment our team has to your health and happiness. Medical Marijuana Made Easy for Lee County.

Medical Marijuana Patients Need More Than Just Their Medical Marijuana Card

Martin Zfaz, MD

Dr. Martin Zfaz has committed himself to caring for patients with addiction and recovery since 2000.

Dr. Martin Zfaz’s commitment to positive patient outcomes drives his passion for natural healing. As a recommending physician for Medical Marijuana with My Florida Green, Dr. Martin Zfaz helps patients find natural, safe, and effective alternatives to synthetic drugs and surgery.

As a licensed Medical Marijuana doctor in Cape Coral, Florida, Dr. Martin is a compassionate care provider who is helping patients reduce pain, ease emotional trauma, and find relief from the symptoms of debilitating illness.

Where Will You See Dr. Martin?

In Cape Coral, Dr. Dr. Martin Zfaz sees patients for 1 on 1 encounters and he oversees patient education performed by our knowledgeable staff members. During your appointment, you'll be informed on the Florida Medical Marijuana program, learn how to make the best use of Florida's dispensaries, and what products you should order to achieve the desired results.

Please note, regardless of group setting or our personal encounters, all patients leave certified and informed on what products may work best for their needs. You have the option to download our proprietary app for your smart phone to help you along your journey.

If you're seeking the easy way to make the most of Medical Cannabis aka "Marijuana" with your Florida Medical Marijuana card, register with Dr. Martin today and discover why we have a 5 star rating on google.

Why Is My Florida Green Different?

Establish care with our simple and secure application, answer the Medical Questionnaire, schedule your appointment, and follow the instructions in the emails. Our credo is “Medical Marijuana Made Easy” for a reason. The below videos provide a simple yet detailed explanation of why Medical Marijuana is so effective, how the Florida Medical Marijuana program works, and what you need to do get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card Melbourne.

Where will you see CAPE CORAL Marijuana Doctors?

What Will You Get At The Event?

Access to exclusive discounts from all Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries worth $500 to $1000+


Existing patients pay only $149 FOR 7 MONTHS.

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