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Why Is My Florida Green Different?

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With thousands of patients now certified in Melbourne, Florida for Medical Marijuana by My Florida Green's Medical Marijuana doctors, we’ve documented incredible progress and results. 

My Florida Green has been facilitating Medical Marijuana certifications in Brevard County since November, 2016. We’ve streamlined the Medical Marijuana Certification process by combining compasssionate customer service with feature rich technology. All patients will receive access to our custom application so they can monitor their progress.

Our physicians follow the same protocol which is MAXIMUM dosing with NO RESTRICTIONS. We empower patients with the education needed to safely experiment as everyone is different. We have NO MONTHLY FEES and NO UNNECESSARY FOLLOW UPS. But we do offer UNLIMITED SUPPORT and exclusive discount deals. Our patient testimonials prove the commitment our team has to your health and happiness. Medical Marijuana Made Easy for Brevard County!

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Medical Marijuana Patients Need More Than Just Their Medical Marijuana Card

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Please be advised of this important message. We understand Brevard County has been taken advantage of by some very unethical doctors. My Florida Green and Dr. Athina Kyritsis are happy to solve this issue as we will be seeing patients in a group educational setting workshop at the Hilton Rialto with food and drink. Become educated by the best in the business and come away with gifts, dispensary discounts, and a Medical Marijuana certification with NO RESTRICTIONS!

This will be the most unconventional doctor visit you've ever had and we guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back.

My Florida Green operates with integrity and provides a safe and enjoyable patient experience. We offer full education along with an ongoing professional relationship as your overall health and wellness is our priority.

If you're seeking the easy way to make the most of Medical Cannabis aka "Marijuana" with your Florida Medical Marijuana card, register with Dr. Athina today and discover why we have a 5 star rating on google.

A physical encounter with you as the patient and the certifying physician will take place at your appointment. Should you have medical questions or concerns about incorporating Cannabis into your daily life or concerns about your current medications, Dr. Athina Kyritsis will be present to address any medical concerns.

Please know that you will be very well taken care of from this point on as you are becoming a patient on the first and only state compliant Medical Marijuana platform where Medical Marijuana is Made Easy.


Existing patients pay only $149 FOR 7 MONTHS.

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