Medical Marijuana for Treating Chronic Pain With Medical Marijuana

Treating Chronic Pain With Medical Marijuana

Patients can now acquire medical marijuana for various qualifying conditions thanks to the beneficial qualities of cannabis. While it’s often issued for specific conditions, it can also be used for certain symptoms, with severe & chronic pain being a prime example.

Severe and chronic pain refers to cases where sufferers experience long-lasting or persistent pain. For instance, they may experience persistent pain for hours or experience regular episodes of pain for months. This can apply to things like injuries or to conditions that cause chronic pain.

While pain medications are often used for chronic pain, these can result in unwanted side effects. As such, medical marijuana has become a very popular alternative for dealing with painful conditions.

What Is Chronic Pain And How Is It Treated?

While everyone experiences pain at some point, those who experience severe or chronic pain need to seek treatment to deal with the issue. Severe or chronic pain is when you suffer from pain that’s both distressful and long-lasting. For instance, those who experience pain for hours, weeks, or even months need treatment for chronic pain.

Severe or chronic pain can come about for many reasons. For example, those who experience physical injuries often suffer from persistent pain that’s hard to manage. It can also refer to cases of neurological or neuropathic pain that last for a long time and won’t go away with minor treatments such as over-the-counter medicines.

It can also be caused by various serious conditions. For example, some conditions like fibromyalgia and endometriosis are characterized by persistent, hard-to-manage pain whereas patients with conditions such as Cancer and MS often experience chronic pain as a result of their condition.

When the pain is persistent and can’t be treated by regular methods, sufferers often use treatments such as physical therapy and medications such as opioids. However, medical marijuana has become a popular alternative treatment as it helps relieve pain with minimal risks.

Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain

Of the many physical and mental issues medical marijuana is used for, treating chronic pain is the most prevalent. Research shows that chronic pain has always been the most common qualifying condition reported by patients seeking medical marijuana. This is largely due to the effects cannabinoids have on the body.

Many users will notice that cannabis delivers a physically relaxing and relieving sensation when it’s used due to THC interacting with the body. This is useful for reducing the sensation of severe or chronic pain and making it easier to handle.

It isn’t just THC that helps with chronic pain, either. A study on the use of cannabinoids in difficult-to-manage pain found that CBD also helps by providing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for the body. As such, some patients who suffer from chronic or severe pain may use CBD as an alternative to marijuana.

Medical marijuana is also helpful as it provides a more natural and less harmful alternative to traditional pain medications. Opioids can often lead to addiction and other unwanted side effects, whereas cannabis and CBD minimize these risks.

How Medical Marijuana Helps With Chronic Pain Symptoms

As well as helping to counteract the sensation of pain, medical marijuana can also help with many symptoms and complications that come along with chronic pain. It can also help with many conditions that feature chronic pain as a symptom, such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and various forms of Cancer.

Severe and chronic pain can often lead to excessive fatigue and sleep problems. Some marijuana strains counteract fatigue by providing stimulating effects whereas some can promote sleep and help users get a more restful night of sleep.

Those suffering from severe and chronic pain may also experience severe mood problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Medical marijuana has been shown to relieve mood issues and promote a more positive and optimistic state of mind.

How To Use Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain

If you’re experiencing severe or chronic pain, there are various methods of cannabis consumption that can help. Whether you prefer to inhale cannabis, use convenient cannabinoid-infused products, or even use non-psychoactive CBD products, all kinds of cannabis products can help treat pain.

Smoking cannabis is a good option for those who want to tackle pain quickly and efficiently. Smoking brings on immediate relaxing and pain-relieving effects. Vaping offers a similar experience but also reduces the harsh effects of smoking as you inhale smooth marijuana vapor.

Cannabis Tinctures offer a convenient alternative for those who don’t want to inhale cannabis. These are used by applying a dose of oil under your tongue. You can also use oral products such as Cannabis Edibles or Capsules.

Topical products such as cannabinoid-infused creams and lotions can also be helpful for pain. You apply these directly to your body wherever you’re afflicted by pain. You might also want to use non-psychoactive CBD products such as Oils, Edibles, and Vape Products if you want to avoid getting high.

How To Get Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain

If you want to use medical marijuana for severe or chronic pain, then the best way to do so is to get a medical card via your state’s MMJ program. This will allow you to buy high-quality medical marijuana and CBD products from dispensaries across the state.

Qualifying patients in Florida can get a medical card in a few simple steps. First, you must visit a qualified marijuana doctor who will assess your symptoms and health records to see whether you qualify. If they deem that you qualify, you can then apply for a medical card online and receive it within a couple of weeks.

Once your medical card has been approved, you can use it to visit medical dispensaries and get the cannabis and CBD products you need to help manage chronic pain. If you need help with finding a marijuana doctor and going through the process of getting your medical card, visit My Florida Green.


Pain can come in many forms, but those who experience severe and/or chronic pain can seek out medical marijuana treatment to help. The cannabinoids in cannabis help relieve pain and inflammation as well as having benefits for your sleep and mood. For more information on medical marijuana and how you can get it, visit My Florida Green.


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