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A special message for Brevard County Medical Marijuana Patients from My Florida Green CEO Nick Garulay


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No Monthly Fees

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Unlimited Support

Dispensary Discounts

Unethical Doctors Must Be Exposed

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Psychiatrist Khaja Chisty

We wish that all doctors worked hard and ethically to help patients, but it is just not the case with the Psychiatrist and “Medical Marijuana Doctor” Khaja Chisty.

Dr. Chisty and his offices have been exposed by the Tampa Bay Times, the Denver Post, and he had his license revoked in Colorado for illegal telemedicine visits. Despite being prosecuted in Colorado, he continued this “skype” doctor practice here in Florida.

If you saw Dr. Chisty via telemedicine your license is not legally valid. If there was an audit, your license would be revoked. Dr. Chisty knew this and took your money anyway.

We do not enjoy exposing this man, but we will always fight against criminals seeking to hurt traumatized people who are seeking relief.

If you’re a patient of Dr. Chisty and you want to enjoy the benefits of Florida’s Medical Marijuana program without the risks, abuses, and criminality we are here to offer you a much different experience.

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Brevard County patients deserve better

If you’re ready for a different experience from a proven team who cares, My Florida Green is here to help. Just fill out our secure and easy forms and join us at the Hilton Rialto Thursday August 9th!

Why Is My Florida Green Different?

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Florida’s Best Medical Marijuana Doctor, Mark Hashim M.D.

My Florida Green’s mission has always been Medical Marijuana Made EasyAs our below testimonials show, we work tirelessly to make sure that patients leave their visits feeling secure, educated, and supported by an expert team.

Our perfect five-star rating is proof of our commitment to your health and happiness.

Since November, 2016 My Florida Green has been serving Florida patients as a statewide Medical Marijuana Doctor service. It’s been amazing to see Cancer, Chronic Pain, PTSD and dozens of other symptoms positively impacted and often completely eliminated.

At our upcoming event at the Hilton Rialto we are coming to help the good people of Brevard County and surrounding areas get the relief you deserve. Attendees will get access to $500-$1000+ in discounts, expert Medical Marijuana education, and gold standard support.

Attendees of this invite-only event will also get the best Medical Marijuana Certification money can buy from “Florida’s Best Medical Marijuana Doctor“, Mark Hashim, MD.

The below videos are a brief example of the quality of care Dr. Hashim provides.

Medical Marijuana Patients Need More Than A Great Doctor

As you may have experienced, there’s more to Florida’s Medical Marijuana program than just “getting your card.” There are changes in delivery methods, 7 month visits to schedule, and frequent technical issues with Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry website.

If you need to get something fixed, you need a team that can move fast and has the required experience to get the job done.

Patients of My Florida Green and Dr. Mark Hashim are getting this and more. Our online testimonials are proof.

Where will you see Dr. Hashim?

As you’ve seen, Dr. Hashim’s presentations are insightful, entertaining, and packed with knowledge to help you heal. At your upcoming event with Dr. Hashim and My Florida Green, you’ll be treated to a premium hotel experience with food, drinks, and a chance to meet representatives from all Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

You’ll be able to ask questions, learn everything you want to know about their products, and find the best medicine for your needs.


What Will You Get At The Event?

Access to exclusive discounts from all Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries worth $500 to $1000+

Education and knowledge from Florida’s Best Medical Marijuana Doctor

Your state-required 7 month visit will be completed, you’ll leave with an active Medical Marijuana recommendation

Peace of mind that your health records are being stored on HIPAA-compliant, secure technology

Five-star support from Florida’s Most Experienced Medical Marijuana Certification Team

An open recommendation with no restrictions on your use or monthly reloads

All of this is yours for just $199 every 7 months!

Ready To Join Team Green?

If you want to get the most from Florida’s Medical Marijuana program at an unbeatable value now is the time to join the movement. Just fill out the form below! Once complete we will email everything you need to know.

We’ll also give you a courtesy call to ensure you’ve received it and are comfortable with the process. Medical Marijuana Made Easy is our creed and our mission. We look forward to helping you improve your quality of emotional, physical, and personal life with Medical Marijuana! A brighter future is just a few clicks away.

My florida green, palm bay, medical marijuana, card, doctor, mmj, palm bay
mark hashim, my florida green, palm bay, medical marijuana, card, doctor
Medical Marijuana Doctor West Palm Beach, my florida green, medical marijuana, dr hashim, mmj card, doctor, florida, naples, sarasota, palm bay

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